I was raised in Lewisville, Texas and became a teacher because I enjoy developing young minds. I have been fascinated with history – especially the American Civil War – since I was in fourth grade. In middle school, I was inspired by excellent teachers who made history into a narrative with meaning rather than a series of facts and figures.

Academic and athletic scholarships, along with generous help from my parents, allowed me to pay my way through the University of North Texas. I majored in Radio, Television, and Film (RTVF). I graduated early, but when I went to graduate school for media studies I didn’t enjoy it.


I have always had an interest in films of any kind, from any director, in any language, made at any time. Over time, I’ve gathered a collection hundreds of DVDs and Blu-rays.

While seeking out a career, I began coaching my old summer track program, and found that I loved helping young people. This inspired me to become a teacher, and eventually led to my position here at Summer Creek.


I ran competitively for almost ten years, participating in over 150 races in that span. I ran in races between 400 meters and 10,000 meters (6.2 miles) long, though I preferred middle distance events like the 1600 meter run. I have coached in the sport since 2008, and I enjoy it tremendously.

In my spare time, I run, watch movies, and read. I used to be very involved in my community in Lewisville, and I hope to become just as involved now that I have moved to this area. I am also the primary author of two online, open-content works on Wikibooks: Elements of Political Communication and Coaching Youth Middle Distance Runners.



Ask good questions.

Asking good questions about what we're learning tells me that you are engaged with the material. When that happens, you're more likely to enjoy learning about it.


Offer strong opinions, and listen to others' opinions.

I love hearing my students' opinions on topics. It's one of the reasons I ask for them so often. That said, you should be able to listen to others' opinions as well. Try to understand why they think that way (even if you disagree!)


Respect others at all times.

Respect their views, their personal space, their time, and their abilities. This should always be the case, even if you feel they haven't respected you.