An oil painting of Icarus going too close to the Sun

Isaac’s Storm Writing Project

Using what you have learned from this class and the book Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larson, you will address the following prompt in an essay:Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larson is about the hubris of humankind. In a detailed essay, you will write about how hubris has affected both society and you. In it, you will cite at least one specific example of hubris from the book, a specific example from modern times (within the last year), and a specific example from your own life. Finally, you will tie these three examples together in an effort to self-reflect.
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A logo reading "Mr. Cooper's History Class" with a "B" and a horseshoe resembling a "C"

CooperHistory.com Launched

As you obviously know already, I have launched this new website for my classes at Summer Creek Middle School. There is nothing fancy or advanced about the site. Although there are a few added details here and there, I have kept the design of this site simple. Across the top menu,
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