members of a protest group hold up their fists in a solidarity gesture

“My Interest Group” Writing Project

Using what you have learned from the unit on the Civil Rights Movement, you will create a written plan for the success of a new interest group related to your civil rights. The goal for your interest group should be related to passing a specific law, gaining a specific civil right for a group, or convincing Texas voters to vote for or against a specific issue in an election. Your essay must address a real issue facing Texans today. The issue does not necessarily need to affect you.
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A black-and-white archival photograph of a cart piled with bodies, covered by a tarpaulin, driven by a horse. Text at the bottom reads "Removing Dead Bodies to the Barges for Burial at Sea"

Isaac’s Storm Reader’s Guide #20 – “‘Not Dead'”

The city recovers from the storm and attempts to deal with the dead bodies. There is no time or space for burying, so they attempt to bury them “at sea” by dumping hundreds of bodies from a barge into the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, many of the bodies land back on the shore, making the problem worse. City leaders are left with no choice but to burn the bodies in large piles. Rumors, often racist in nature, begin to spread through the town. The smell of death permeates every part of Galveston Help begins to arrive from various sources. Some of the gifts are not very useful, but some are life-saving.
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